Many of the courses correspond to regular semester courses (esp. concerning duration and requirements) and are accredited by the deans of studies at Bremen University. Therefore certificates and credit points can be gained.

For all courses of the Informatica Feminale the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (Informatics) issues confirmations of participation. For all courses of the Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni the Departments of Engineering issue confirmations of participation.
There are several courses with the possibility to attain performance records or to obtain credit points in line with the European Credit Transfer System. The requirements for obtaining Credit Points will be determined by the lecturers and communicated to the course’s participants in advance. Some courses are very similar to regular semester courses; those that are accredited by the University of Bremen are marked in the program. Participants will have to apply for recognition of their achievements at their home universities themselves. On request individual confirmations can be issued, especially for educational leave of women from industry. More about “Bildungsurlaub” is explained in German on our web page Bildungsurlaub.

Hint for students of Bremen University
The University of Bremen will recognize all courses of the summer universities Informatica Feminale und Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni as “General studies”. Additionally some of the courses are regular study part within the programs of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science – especially for Digital Media or Informatik Bachelor and Master. Others are regular study part within the programs of the Department of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering (Produktionstechnik) or within the programs of Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering. The courses are accepted for the summer semester 2024 or alternatively for the winter semester 2024/25. The amount of credit points are explained in each course description on this website.

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