The aim of Informatica Feminale is the sustainable professional integration of female experts in Informatics / Computer Science and ICT, which involves:

  • acknowledging equal participation of all genders in technology development
  • increasing the number of women students and graduates in computing studies;
  • attaining women lecturers;
  • connecting women students with professionals and supporting them during the transition into the labor market;
  • developing new impulses — especially for women — in Informatics / Computer Science in higher education.

The nature of our conceptual starting point is clearly professional. Our mission is to motivate women in Informatics / Computer Science to create a place of exchange for themselves and other women interested in this discipline. This includes exchange of technical knowledge as well as everyday academic and occupational issues. Informatica Feminale also allows room for personal exchange.

On our website you can get more information about the background and concept of the summer university.