The attendance of courses requires prior registration. You may attend several courses, but you will have to register for each course bindingly beforehand. In order to register, please select the courses which you’d like to attend from our website.

The new program is published. We will add more courses and field trips within the next days. Registration is open now!
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Vacant places will be assigned until registration deadline: July 25th 2017
31. July: There are still free places available – please register on this website.

Places will be assigned according to time of registration. First come, first served!

Your course registration will be confirmed via e-mail from the University of Bremen after completion of your registration process. Further information regarding travel, the program procedure, and — if applied for — our decision concerning your scholarship application will be e-mailed as well. The lecturers will contact their students beforehand with materials necessary for preliminary course requirements.

Participants may select additional courses, e.g. to fill gaps in their summer university schedule. As soon as a course is fully booked it will appear as blocked in the online registration system.

Only the lectures are free of charge and can be attended without prior registration.

The registration is possible via a common web-based registration system of the Informatica Feminale und der Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni. Registration is possible from the middle of may.

Liability Disclaimer
The organizers assume no liability for any damage to persons or to property, which is caused by participants or their children.