Teaching Times

According to the diverse forms of teaching and to enable approval of credit for student participants and teaching assignments to teachers, different durations of lectures are possible. Over the years, a mixture of 2-, 2.5-, or 5-days courses has been implemented at the summer university.

Longer courses

The duration and time of individual lectures are arranged by the organizers in Bremen, based on the proposal of the teachers. During the planning there will be a consultation with the teachers.

The teaching times during the summer university in 2018 are fixed in a scheme:

Timer2018 to download

– Block I (Mo 06.8.-We 08.8.)
– Block II (Thu 09.8.-Fr 10.8.)
– Block III (Sa 11.8.-Su 12.8.)
– Block IV (Mo 13.8.-We 15.8.)
– Block V (Thu 16.8.-Fr 17.8.)
– Block VI (Sa 18.8.-Su 19.8.)
– Block VII (Mo 20.8.-We 22.8.)
– Block VIII (Thu 23.8.-Fr 24.8.)

Between double lessons, there should be a break of 30 minutes (in the mornings, we recommend the break from 10.30 to 11 am).
In special cases, there might be exceptions from this schedule after consultation with the teacher. There will be a free cafeteria only for participants and teachers at the Informatica Feminale, where breaks can be spent.

On the basis of this scheme a course with 14 class hours (1 SWS) can run for example from Monday to Wednesday or Thursday to Friday. By combining two blocks you can get a one week course resp. 28 class hours (2 SWS). Examples of previous time schedules might be helpful to you. In the submission form there will be several examples to choose from.

Talks, short presentations, and panel discussions

We also welcome talks or suggestions for talks and panel discussions. There is no remuneration for talks, but in special cases the university can partly pay travel costs.

The time blocks for presentations and talks or panel discussions (30 or 60 minutes each) are not yet fixed. You can register by using the same submission form as for course registration on our website.