Teaching Methods and Course Types

The following teaching methods and course types are possible:

  • Lecture
    The teacher conveys the content of the lecture.
  • Course
    Teacher-centered teaching alternates with practical exercises during the course.
  • Seminar
    The content is prepared by the participants in advance, they conduct presentations and generate a written version of their work after the summer school.
  • Project
    The participants work on a topic that is related to a larger project.
  • Seminar lecture
    Basic knowledge is provided in the form of a lecture while specific topics are presented by participants.
  • Lab
    Skills are trained with practical tasks.
  • Workshop
    All topics are worked out and developed with the consultation of the participants.
  • Talk
    A specific topic is presented and discussed by the teacher.
  • Field trip
    IT-Systems are explored on-site.
  • Plenum
    Exchange of experience between teachers and/or participants.

Several course types may be combined.
Venue will be the University of Bremen.

When you prepare a course, you should make clear which participants you want to reach and what prior knowledge you are expecting.

We will group all courses into categories of time and topic. The length of your course can vary according to our block scheme. We will arrange the schedule by taking other courses into account as well.

Please take note that the action of a block course probably cannot be varied once the summer university has started.

Technical infrastructures of the participating departments at Bremen University will be available for use. Details will be arranged individually.

Necessary software installations have to be communicated early in advance. No adminstration rights for computer labs are given to lecturers.
During the last years we had positive experience with notebook-courses, in which lecturers and participants bring their own computers. We recommend notebook-courses if the installation process of a specific software is part of the course content or if applications with critical administration rights will be used. In every classroom WiFi and beamers are available.

In the submission form you can choose the course type. We will check your specifications and if necessary recommend modifications.