The registration as participant of the summer school is possible via a common web-based registration system of the Informatica Feminale and the Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni. The attendance of courses requires prior registration. You may attend several courses, but you will have to register for each course bindingly beforehand. In order to register, please select the courses which you’d like to attend from our website.

You can register for the courses and social program of the summer universities via this webpage (until May 2024 it will show the courses from last year for your information):

In 2024, we will additionally arrange a small meantime program, which will offer some online courses during the whole year.

Places will be assigned according to time of registration. First come, first served!

Your course registration will be confirmed via e-mail from the University of Bremen after completion of your registration process. Further information regarding the program procedure will be e-mailed as well. The lecturers will contact their students beforehand with materials necessary for preliminary course requirements.

Participants may select additional courses. As soon as a course is fully booked it will appear as blocked in the online registration system.

Throughout the summer universities we offer a free daily child care for the participants’ and lecturers’ children.

Participants of the summer school are charged a participation fee.

Liability Disclaimer
The organizers assume no liability for any damage to persons or to property, which is caused by participants or their children.



Our lecturers are international, multi-lingual, highly motivated …

  • professors who are looking for motivated students to experiment with new concepts of teaching
  • researchers who prepare independent courses and like to teach in a pleasant atmosphere
  • practitioners who like to share their work experiences
  • researchers and practitioners from different fields who deal interdisciplinarily with computer science
  • students who offer subject-specific discussions of experience
  • experts offering orientation for students being in the course of their studies or preparing for the transition to working life

Most of our lecturers receive teaching assignments from the University of Bremen.



All who identify as women are welcome. We cordially invite women students of all disciplines, all terms and grades, of all types of colleges or universities as well as all women interested in computing and women professionals from all over the world!

In an environment at Bremen University, that provokes learning, you can work with commitment, get suggestions for your studies and accumulate current knowledge. You will experience professional studies and establish networks with women having manifold backgrounds.



Many of the courses correspond to regular semester courses (esp. concerning duration and requirements) and are accredited by the deans of studies at Bremen University. Therefore certificates and credit points can be gained.

For all courses of the Informatica Feminale the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (Informatics) issues confirmations of participation. For all courses of the Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni the Departments of Engineering issue confirmations of participation.
There are several courses with the possibility to attain performance records or to obtain credit points in line with the European Credit Transfer System. The requirements for obtaining Credit Points will be determined by the lecturers and communicated to the course’s participants in advance. Some courses are very similar to regular semester courses; those that are accredited by the University of Bremen are marked in the program. Participants will have to apply for recognition of their achievements at their home universities themselves. On request individual confirmations can be issued, especially for educational leave of women from industry. More about “Bildungsurlaub” is explained in German on our web page Bildungsurlaub.

Hint for students of Bremen University
The University of Bremen will recognize all courses of the summer universities Informatica Feminale und Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni as “General studies”. Additionally some of the courses are regular study part within the programs of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science – especially for Digital Media or Informatik Bachelor and Master. Others are regular study part within the programs of the Department of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering (Produktionstechnik) or within the programs of Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering. The courses are accepted for the summer semester 2024 or alternatively for the winter semester 2024/25. The amount of credit points are explained in each course description on this website.

For any questions please contact us via email or at our office:
University of Bremen, Informatica Feminale
Kompetenzzentrum Frauen in Naturwissenschaft und Technik
Building MZH Ebene 1
Veronika Oechtering (MZH 1120) and Henrike Illig (MZH 1130)


Participation Fee

Meantime Courses
Participation in the meantime online program of the Informatica Feminale and the Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni is free of charge.

Summer School Program on Place in Bremen in August 2024:
Students and unemployed are charged a one-time fee of 40 Euro for a participation of all three weeks – regardless for which of the two summer universities Informatica Feminale or Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni. The participation fee can be waived for those who support the conference office for approximately 4 hours. We also offer travel scholarships.
Employed women pay a fee of 40 Euro a day. Please contact us if you need special fees



If you wish to cancel your registration or registration for one of the courses, please contact us via e-mail, so that we can assign the places to other students. Please show your solidarity to other students and inform us in time, as many courses are highly requested.

Missing Fee for Meantime and Summer School Courses
If a participant registered for a course and doesn’t show up and didn’t cancel her participation at least 14 days in advance, she will be charged a fee of 40 Euro per course.

Re-funding of Fees for Meantime and Summer School Courses
Re-funding of participation fees for students or course fees for women, who paid per course day, will only be possible if cancellations are sent at least three weeks before the beginning of the first course (for students) or the specific course (others).
The cancelation must be send to the organizers of the summer university by email to



The summer university and the University of Bremen will not provide any accommodation. Housing in student residences is not available for short-term rentals.

Accommodation options in Bremen (as summer 2023):

    • Bed& Breakfast private room rental,, Tel +49(0)4 21) 536 07 71, (starting at 26 Euro per night) — Partner of the Informatica Feminale for over 25 years!
    • Camping site (only about 1 km away from campus!), (starting at about 15 Euro);
    • Youth Hostel Bremen;
    • a&o Hostel Bremen Hauptbahnhof,, starting at 22 Euro
    • Altstadt Hostel Bremen,, starting at 20 Euro
    • Meininger Bremen Hauptbahnhof,, see females (starting at 28 Euro)

More accommodation options on Redirects to Bremen Tourismus’ search engine for hotels and bed&breakfasts in Bremen.

International students who need help, should mail to

Postal address:
University of Bremen
Informatica Feminale
Department 3
P. O. Box 330440
D – 28334 Bremen

Fax +49 (0)421 / 218 – 98-64469



During the entire summer universities, we will be operating a cafeteria offering a variety of warm and cold drinks, fruit and vegetables as well as sweets, all free of charge to participants and lecturers!

The cafeteria opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.30 o’clock, Saturday from 8.30 to 17.00 o’clock. (Closed on Sunday.) The cafeteria serves both as meeting place and as break room for all participants and lecturers.

Warm meals are offered at different locations on Campus of the University of Bremen and are at your own expense. An info sheet “Meals on Campus” will be provided at the summer universities’ registration office for all participants and lecturers. Participants can receive a special card on site at the summer school office to get reduced student prices for meals on campus of Bremen University, especially at the cantine (the Mensa Bremen).



This year, we offer a certain number of scholarships for travel and accommodation to support students. Please approach your home university regarding financial support as well — we’ll be happy to advise you on this.

The organizers of the Informatica Feminale at the University of Bremen coordinate all scholarships. The allowances will be issued in regard to the overall travel expenses: 10,00 Euro per overnight stay and (partly) travel expenses according to consultation with us. We expect our scholarship holders to choose the cheapest bus/ train/ flight ticket option so that we can fund as many participants as possible. Public transport in Bremen will not be covered and not returned.

We will support international students to find cheap and good accommodation in the near of the university, according to individual contacts in advance.

Evidence must be provided for all expenses. Please note that original documents must be provided in Bremen as supporting evidence.
Reimbursements of expenses will be paid around 3-4 months after the end of the summer universities (other arrangements are possible only for international students, according to individual contacts in advance).

Scholarship holders are exempt from the participation fee.

Financial support by other universities
In past years, a lot of universities supported their students financially to a certain extent, assisting them in covering the costs of participation for the summer universities. Please contact your dean or the faculty’s equal opportunity officer at your university.

Scholarship Application
An application for a scholarship has to be filed in the application form. Furthermore, a scholarship application letter needs to be turned in via e-mail within 5 days of your application. Claims submitted later cannot be considered!

How to write a scholarship application letter?
The letter should be informal. Please send us a PDF document, including your own letterhead, addressed to Informatica Feminale (see below).
Please outline briefly your progress with your studies and why you would like to participate in the summer universities at the University of Bremen.

Please e-mail your letter saved in PDF-file format to or via facsimile to: +49 (0)421 / 218-98-64469

Our postal address:

University of Bremen
Informatica Feminale
Department 3
P. O. Box 330440
D – 28334 Bremen

Our decision regarding your scholarship application will be included in your confirmation of participation e-mail.


Language Requirements

A variety of courses and seminars will be taught in English or in German or both English and German combined in such a way that all course information and material will be accessible to speakers of German and English. Some lecturers offer support in further languages during their course.

We require English or German language skills on such a level that participants are able to communicate and express themselves, understand complex and professional topics, and are able to fulfil assigned tasks in either English or German, depending on the course language. When registering for a course, please take notice of the language it is offered in.


Child Care

Throughout the summer universities we offer a free daily child care for the participants’ and lecturers’ children.

Child care is offered for children between 1 and 12 years of age (please ask in advance if you need child care for babies).

The children will stay in a children’s group room on the Campus of the University of Bremen, taken care of by a team of experienced childcare workers.
Your child/children is/are supposed to eat and spend time together with you during lunch time.

We ask you to make a binding registration in advance, if you need childcare during your stay in Bremen.
Following up, we will then arrange planning in more detail regarding your child’s/children’s experience and settling in as well as what to bring along.

The primarily necessary information will be asked for during the registration process. Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any further questions.