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Phone +49 (0)421 / 218 – 64469
Fax: +49 (0)421 / 218 – 98-64469

Postal address:
University of Bremen
Center of Excellence Women in Science and Technology
Department 3
P. O. Box 330440
D – 28334 Bremen

Delivery address:
University of Bremen
Center of Excellence Women in Science and Technology
Department 3
Bibliothekstraße 5, Haus MZH, Raum 1130
D – 28359 Bremen



Travel to Bremen University

All events take place at facilities of Bremen University.

Link to campus map of Bremen University:

Arrival by train
Exit the building of Bremen’s central station heading south (towards the city center). Taxis and trams leave directly from the square outside central station. Take tram number 6 towards university (“Universität”). The tram takes approx. 16 minutes from central station to the university.
The nearest tram and bus stop to the summer universities’ registration office is Universität-Zentralbereich.
A single ticket costs 3.00 Euro and can be purchased from a ticket machine directly on the tram.

For students there are reduced fares for 7-day-tickets. You will have to register for a special student card at the BSAG information desk. There are no reduced fares available for single ride tickets.

The BSAG information desk is situated in the main square outside Bremen central station, a silver tower a bit to the left, in between the bus and tram stops.

Opening hours of the BSAG information desk:
Monday — Friday 7:00 — 20:00 o’clock
Saturday 9:00 — 18:00 o’clock
Sunday 9:00 — 17:00 o’clock

For the use of public transportation (ÖPNV) you can use several tickets:

SingleTickets (“Einzelticket”) (Prices as in January 2024):

  • SingleTicket (“EinzelTicket”) for adults: 3.00 Euro. Valid for one ride with the maximum duration of 3 hours. Changing the tram or bus for getting to the planed destination is included within the 3 hours.
  • DayTicket (“TagesTicket”) for adults: 8.50 Euro. Valid for one day (starting from the time of ticket validation until 3 am on the following day).
  • ShortTripTicket (“KurzstreckenTicket”) for adults: 1.60 Euro. Valid for three more stops after entering the tram/bus.

Zone Tickets (“Abschnittsticket”):

These tickets can be shared by several people and can only be bought at the selling points of the BSAG outside the vehicle.

  • 4-rideTicket (“4er-Ticket”) for adults: 11.20 Euro
  • 10-rideTicket (“10er-Ticket”) for adults: 28.00 Euro
  • 4-ride ShortTripTicket (“4er-Kurzstrecke“) for adults: 6.00 Euro

7-day pass (“7-Tage-Ticket”) for adults:

With this ticket a period of seven days in a row can be freely chosen. On weekdays after 7 p.m. as well as on the weekends and on public holidays two adults plus four children under fifteen years can use the ticket together: 25.40 Euro

HINT: 7-day pass for pupils and students (“Schüler-7-Tage Ticket“):

For this ticket you need a customer card of the BSAG, which can be applied for with a valid certification of Imatriculation/ student ID-Card at the BSAG-Center. The application form is available at the Customer Center. If you use it less than 4 weeks you don’t need a photo. Costs of 7-day pass for students: 17.90 Euro.

For more information regarding prices and travel time please visit

Transfer from Bremen central station to the University of Bremen by taxi is approx. 16 Euros.

Arrival by bus
Several busses stop at “Universität-Zentralbereich” (BSAG bus lines 21, 22, 18, 31). Another nearby bus stop is called “Universität NW1” or “Universität-Naturwissenschaften 1” (VBN bus lines 630 and 670). BSAG tickets are accepted in VBN busses. For more information visit and

Arrival by car
When arriving via highway A1 change at interchange “Bremer Kreuz” onto highway A27 in the direction of “Bremen-Bremerhaven”. Get off the A27 at the exit “Universität / Horn-Lehe” and proceed in the direction of “Centrum / Universität”. On the campus and in the university technology park there are plenty of parking areas (starting from 1,00 Euro/day).

Arrival by plane
Transfer from the airport to the University of Bremen by taxi is approx. 37 Euros.

Much more aggreable is the transfer via tram number 6, which is running directly from the airport to the university, stopping at “Universität-Zentralbereich” and taking exactly 30 minutes.

You will find up-to-date travel information on how to reach the University of Bremen here:


Conference office

Conference office of the summer university

When arriving at the University of Bremen, please make sure to visit our summer universities’ conference office first:
The summer universities’ conference office is located on the central Campus of the University of Bremen in the building Mehrzweckhochhaus (MZH) on the 1st floor, room 1100. Elevators are available. (Campus map, rooms map MZH).

Address of the Conference Office
University of Bremen
Bibliothekstrasse 5, Building (Haus) MZH
Level (Ebene) 1, Room (Raum) 1100
D-28359 Bremen

Phone: +49 (0)421 218 64469

Opening hours
The summer universities’ conference office 2024 will be open
Monday-Friday from 8.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.
Saturdays from 8.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.
Sundays closed.

You will receive all necessary documents at the summer universities’ conference office.

The course rooms will be listed in the conference folders. You will receive your folder at the summer universities’ registration office. We do not publish room information on the website because our experience has shown that there are to many changes during the summer university weeks that need face-to-face contacts.