Informatica Feminale - Summer 2021 - Registration

Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni and Informatica Feminale
from July to September 2021 online


Below you see the program from 2021. Registration in 2021 is closed.
The program in 2022 will be published in May!

Unten stehen sämtliche Anmeldeinformationen für alle Lehrveranstaltungen. A chronological overview of the scheduled courses is available here.

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I apply for a personal guest account to access the computer networks of Bremen University (this is obligatory for all courses; we will forward first name, family name and date of birth to the Networks Center of Bremen University ('Zentrum fuer Netze'). My date of birth is (dd/mm/yyyy):

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Which teaching language do you understand?
We require English or German language skills on such a level that participants are able to communicate and express themselves, understand complex and professional topics, and are able to fulfil assigned tasks in either English or German, depending on the course language. When registering for a course, please take notice of the language it is offered in.

and German

Fees / Missing fee
Participation in online courses and talks of the 24th international Informatica Feminale and the 13th international Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni is free of charge, if the missing fees don´t apply (see Cancelation). If you as employee wish to pay your fees, we suggest to give this to women in need.

Cancelation / Missing fee
We urgently ask you to inform us immediately about cancelations, so that we can give the place to other students. If a participant is registered in a course, but does not appear and not cancel her registration in advance, a missing-fee of 40 Euros with be charged per course. To cancel please send your mail to <>.

Application procedure

The application is for one person each. The incoming of the registration will be confirmed directly via email of the University of Bremen. The distribution of places will start directly after the incoming of registration and will be confirmed via email. At the same time you will receive the invoice as well as organisational information .
Preparation material will be sent by the lecturers directly.

Please send an email to the address below if you haven’t received a confirmation within 5 working days.

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Kindly note
I accept that the organizers assume no liabilities for any personal injuries and material damages resulting from myself.
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I agree that my data is stored in the address data base of the summer university and will be forwarded partly ("First name, last name, E-Mail-Address, university and study program") to the lecturers and partly ("First name, Last name, E-Mail-Address") to the other students of the chosen courses.

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You will receive a confirmation via e-mail directly after submission of this form. If you haven’t received it please contact the coordinators of the summer university. In this case the registration didn´t arrive at Informatica Feminale in Bremen.

Registration in 2021 is closed.