Wishes and Proposals

Dear participants, lecturers and interested parties of the summer universities,

The team of the international summer universities in Bremen is kindly asking for your support and feedback: We are looking for new exciting topics, lecturers, technical contents and discourses for the future summer universities and for the enlargement of our network. Which lecturers, speakers of activists did you always want to experience in a course at the summer universities? Which topics are you interested in that should find space at the summer universities in form of teaching, discussion, workshop (…)? Together, we want to continue staging exceptional, diverse and interesting summer universities that reflect technical discourses and innovations and that discusses recent topics. We are looking forward to your impulses!

Please write down your ideas right here. Keep in mind to formulate with regard to data privacy, e.g. try not to share foreign email addresses.
To receive a summary of your proposal or to enable us to contact you regarding possible requests, you can fill in your email address here.