Archive of Informatica Feminale

Documentation of 20th Summer University for Women in Informatics from August 07-25, 2017 at Bremen University, Germany


The 20th Informatica Feminale, the international summer university for women students and professionals in Informatics (Computer Science) was organized by University of Bremen in Germany from August 7 to 25, 2017.

They experienced three weeks of professional studies and established a network with women having manifold backgrounds in a friendly and stimulating environment at the University of Bremen. Various topics from computing were covered.


In parallel to the 20th Informatica Feminale, participants could join all courses of the 9th Ingenieurinnen-Sommeruni - the summer university for women in engineering. More than 230 women students of all disciplines, all terms and grades, of all types of colleges or universities as well as women professionals and women learners from all over the world came to Bremen!


Over 60 courses were taught with one-week and half-a-week length, as well as short workshops. There were specific courses for student beginners as well as for advanced students and for practitioners who got further education on a current academic level.


Our extensive cultural and touristic program, including lectures, discussions and evening events got lots of positive echos. Field trips to research institutes on campus and to tech companies in Bremen offered direct contacts to researchers. Several local companies invited participants to networking events. Cultural highlights were the visits of several museums in Bremerhaven, the Submarine Bunker Valentin and the Bremen Cotton Exchange.


Thanks to everybody who advises women students or colleagues to take part at our summer universities and who supports them financially.


Thanks to all who helped to make this a successful Informatica Feminale!


The Summer University Team 2017

Henrike Illig, Eileen Jahn, Jessica Krooß, Nina Merkl, Veronika Oechtering, Sabine Schulz, Diren Senger, Greta-Marleen Storath

Center of Excellence Women in Science and Technology,

University of Bremen