14 Aug(Wed) – Special Theme Day 1 “Gender and Media”: Silvia Bauer, München

Talk and discussions for participants and lecturers integrated into the courses as part of the
Sommeruni-Focus 2019: Women´s Network – Feminist Networking!

11.30 – 12.30 a.m., Room MZH 1470

Introduction to the concept of special theme days
Henrike Illig und Veronika Oechtering, Uni Bremen

Gender and Media
Sylvia Bauer M.A., München

The talk will introduce critical feminist views on some relations of technological knowledge and developments in societies as presented in recent films.

Silvia Bauer M.A. is a cultural manager and lecturer in intercultural communications.  Since 2004 she manages and curates a wide spectrum of cultural events, film festivals, and art exhibitions. Her work and research focusses on Gender Studies, Postcolonial Studies and (Visual) Cultural Studies. Some of her research projects dealt with “Gender and Globalization”, representations of the Body in digital media, or the relations of Islam and Feminisms.

ca. 12.30 -2.00 p.m. Uhr at the cafeteria MZH 1090
Lunch buffet
All participants and lecturers are warmly invited!