3 Sept (Sat) – Excursion to the Bremer Haecksen

Excursion to the Bremer Haecksen – Haecksen meets Informatica Feminale

Saturday, September 3rd, 2022
Time: 4.45 pm
Meeting point: Will be available at the conference office.
Language: If participants who are English-speaking (but not German-speaking) are present, the language will be English.

MoniKa and mapc are part of [Haecksen]; a feminist Hackergroup out of the circle of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). Both Haecksen are inviting you to vistit the Hackspace of CCC Bremen, get to know the Haecksen there and have a casual conversation with them. 

Both, MoniKa and mapc, will tell you the story how they have become Haecksen, why it is normal to have fibre and power at tents at Chaos Communication Camps and of course about the meaning behind “Lagerfeuer”/”campfire” and “Hüte”/”hats” at Haecksen events. Also you will get to know what’s special on organizing events with Haecksen and how you can be part of it, as well. Generally you and your questions, your interests are going to be the centre of attention – therefore at the meeting we’ll spend most of the time with these.
So drop by and meet Haecksen! 

After our get-together you can come with us to the networking-event of the informatica feminale at MädchenKulturHaus at “Viertel”. Feel free to join!


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