29 Aug(Thu) – Excursion The Bremen Drop Tower – ZARM. Space Technology on Earth

Excursion The Bremen Drop Tower – ZARM. Space Technology on Earth

Thursday, 29.08.2019, 04:30 pm

Meeting point Cafeteria

Language: English
Participants: 20

The Bremen Drop Tower is a ground-based laboratory for short-term microgravity experiments. It is a unique facility in Europe that attracts scientists from all over the world. In comparison to orbital systems it represents an economic alternative with permanent access. Since its inauguration in September 1990 the concrete shaft of a height of 146 m has become the landmark on the Bremen University campus. The Drop Tower serves as an important supplement to either existing or planned orbital or suborbital platforms for microgravity research. About 400 drop experiments each year have successfully been carried out since. The facility delivers 4.74 s of near weightlessness up to three times a day.

In December 2004 Bremen celebrated the first shot of the catapult system. This allows to perform experiments under weightlessness for 9.3 s by conducting a vertical parabolic flight. This construction has been developed at Zentrum für angewandte Raumfahrttechnologie und Mikrograviation (ZARM) and offers world-wide unique research conditions. A visit of the top of the drop tower is not possible on this tour!


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