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From August 6 to 24, 2018 the University of Bremen in Germany will host the 21st International Summer University for Women in Computing, the Informatica Feminale.

The course program is published! Registration is open on this website.
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Focus 2018 “Gender politics at engineering workplaces”
Courses and talks on topics like gender, equality, technology and ethics are on special focus this year.
Companies with gender sensible organizational concepts and successful personal management strategies to promote women engineers to a broad spectrum of leading positions will present their best practices to the participants of Informatica Feminale.


We cordially invite women students of all disciplines, levels and different types of institutions of higher education as well as all women interested in computing and women professionals from all over the world!

You will experience three weeks of professional studies and establish a network with women having manifold backgrounds in a friendly and stimulating environment at the University of Bremen. Courses will be taught in English and German.

You will find courses with one-week and half-a-week length, as well as short workshops. There are specific courses for student beginners as well as for advanced students and for practitioners who wish to get further education on a current academic level.

A broad cultural and touristic program will give you an inside into Bremen. Field trips are planned to research institutes on the campus of Bremen University.


A place for experimentation in teaching

In 1998 the University of Bremen started the first summer university for women in computing: Informatica Feminale is a place for experimentation and professional exchange, with the intention to develop and imply new impulses in Computer Science and Informatics.

The concept of Informatica Feminale was developed at Bremen University and has been transfered several times to national and international places. Informatica Feminale is organized at Bremenon a yearly basis.


International Summer Courses for Women in Computing

Every year the Informatica Feminale offers compact teachings in computing and ICT for women students of all types of universities and colleges as well as for women professionals interested in further training.
Entering higher education, developing a student career, transition into labour market and lifelong academic learning are equally in the field of vision.

Inter/national lecturers and students meet at the Informatica Feminale in Bremen, Germany to exchange.

For human resources managers we are particullarly pointing out that, during the whole summer school there will be plenty of opportunities to sponsor and to get in touch with graduates.