13 Sept (Wed) – Visit the Bremen waste-to-energy incineration plant

Visit the Bremen waste-to-energy incineration plant

Tuesday, September 13th, 2022
Time: 4.35p.m.
Location: Will be announced in the conference office.
Language: If participants who are English-speaking (but not German-speaking) are present, the language will be English.
Please think of: proof of identity (ID Card), sturdy shoes and sturdy clothes

Waste recovery and power generation are the two pillars of our energy-from-waste (EfW) strategy. We use high-tech power plants to burn a wide range of waste and to guarantee reliable waste recovery. The ’Mittelkalorik- Kraftwerk Bremen’ (MKK) and the ’Müllheizkraftwerk Bremen’ (MHKW) complement each other ideally and provide waste treatment capacities of 860,000 metric tons (at 10.5 megajoules per kg) annually.

This refuse is a mixture of municipal solid waste and commercial & industrial waste after sorting, mainly consisting prima- rily of non- recyclable paper, plastic, wood and leftover packaging. The ‘Müllheizkraftwerk Bremen’ MHKW is also one of Germany’s most efficient plants. RDF is produced by treating household and/or industrial waste. By converting MHKW’s boilers 1 and 4 to higher steam parameters and by enhancing energy efficiency, the MHKW far exceeds the R1 criteria. At full capacity, vast sections of Bremen can be supplied with 270,000 megawatt hours of electricity and 200,000 megawatt hours of district heating.

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