Call for Contributions 2020: Lecturers with Innovative Courses are Welcome. Special Focus: Boundaries of the Body

From August 10 to 22, 2020 the University of Bremen in Germany will host the 23rd International Summer University for Women in Computing, the Informatica Feminale.

Course offers can be submitted until February 17, 2020.

Computer scientists and women working interdisciplinarily are cordially invited to develop and submit course offerings. Topics from the broad field of Computer Science, ICT, and Informatics are welcome: theoretical, practical, technical or applied computing. We invite scientists, to take the summer university as a test field for new teaching formats and to get experience with highly engaged and interested participants. Additionally, a special focus program will be arranged. We also invite lecturers with course offers on career topics.
The Informatica Feminale is part of the regular course offerings of Bremen University so that teaching assignments can be given to women lecturers. We are especially looking for international lecturers. Course offerings in German and in English are welcome! Additionally, a special focus program will be arranged.
The women´s network Informatica Feminale is a place to exchange about technical and social developments, which we meet in our every-day life and which are designed by ourselves as technical experts.

Focus 2020 – Boundaries of the Body 
(Women’s) Bodies are sites of technological developments. Boundaries and limits become increasingly blurred: either through the optimization of health parameters, or the digital and technical enhancement of the body, up to unregulated collection of body-related data, and the bodies suffering the consequences of technology-based warfare. The Summer University 2020 wants to give space and time for critical reflections and highly welcomes experimental debates on the relations of technological knowledge and developments in societies. We especially invite teaching offers, which deal with applications of technical know-how in spaces for work and life (for example within care, education, health, food, household, mobility, social networking, publicity, sports, militarization, etc.) from feminist perspectives.
Submissions for courses, panels, workshops, and talks on topics such as gender, equality, technology and ethics are highly welcome.

Companies with gender sensible organizational concepts and successful personal management strategies to promote women engineers to a broad spectrum of leading positions are invited to present their best practices to the participants of Informatica Feminale. There will be plenty of other opportunities to sponsor.

The public meeting of the program committee will take place at Bremen University on February 22, 2020.  Interested women are welcome. Please send a message to the Sommeruni-Team, so that we can prepare the meeting.