The Informatica Feminale 2017 thanks our sponsors



The summer university receives funding by Professorinnenprogramm II and by the University of Bremen.



From August 7 to August 25, 2017 the 20th International Summer University for Women in Informatics, Informatica Feminale, will be held by University of Bremen.

Sponsoring Informatica Feminale at the University of Bremen provides opportunities

  • for personally establishing contacts with women students and professionals in informatics,
  • for broadening your scholarship programs with dedicated women students,
  • for demonstrating equal opportunities and diversity within your company,
  • for presenting your programs for women managers,
  • for introducing your technical products and services,
  • for winning new women employees.

Every year 200-250 women students and professionals in informatics from national and international universities and colleges take part in the three-week summer university at University of Bremen. With 19 years of experience the Informatica Feminale presents a successful forum for exchanging the latest ICT knowledge and networking internationally.

We cordially invite you to support the Informatica Feminale 2017. Therefore we have prepared several sponsorship packages for you. Further proposals are welcome at any time.

In addition, you are invited to sponsor scholarships and to get in touch with highly motivated students. These scholarships cover travel costs and accommodation expenses.

For more details, please contact
Veronika Oechtering or Henrike Illig

phone: +49-(0)421-218-64469